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May 2014
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Queer Lessons for Churches on the Straight & Narrow

"Debates are raging over queer lives in both churches and political sphere.  These debates usually produce two, very polarized sides representing seemingly irreconcilable perspectives.  But what if we were able to start the conversation over?  Imagine if the entire conversation about queer lives and Christian faith had its start in your living room or your own local congregation."  This is the premise of Cody J. Sanders new book, "Queer Lessons for Churches on the Straight and Narrow".  Cody encourages us to take a fresh look, not only at the content of issues, but the process by which we address them.

Debonee talks with Cody about the book, breaking down the various ways the Church could be learning from the LGBTQ community.  We'll talk about ideas around Relationship. Community, Faithfulness, Love, Violence and even Forgiveness.

Cody's website:

Article on forgiveness (mentioned in the podcast):


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Hey Innersexions Fans!  

Just wanted to let y'all know that I'll be taking a brief hiatus of a few weeks in order to push the show forward.

I'll be creating a new website dedicated to the podcast, to give you much deeper information on each guest and subject.

I'm also working on some polishing and preening to take the podcast up a notch...

So hang tight, and I'll be back with more episodes in a few weeks.

Til then ~ 

Debonee Morgan, LMFT

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Power Outage: Exploring the Idea of 'Higher Power' for LGBTQ Recovery in the 12 Steps; with Melanie Storrusten, LCSW

What might a 'Higher Power' look like to someone in the LGBTQ community, and how might addiction recovery be affected by sexual orientation?  

Melanie Storrusten, LCSW joins Debonee to discuss how the idea of 'Higher Power' fits in with getting clean and sober, and why this can sometimes by a snag for LGBTQ individuals.  Tackling the differences between 'religious' and 'spiritual', defining 'a God of my own understanding', and breaking away from the yoke of conservative Christianity, we take a look at the hurdles that could potentially pose problems in recovery.  What is the Dark Forest, and why does anyone need to go there?  Learn why allies need to come out too.  And get stocked up on great resources for yourself or a loved one who may be struggling with alcohol or drug abuse.

Melanie is the Director of Foundations Recovery Network in Midtown Atlanta, and a Board Member of the LGBTQ Therapist Resource.


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Trans* Images in Pop Culture: The Oscars Edition; with Gender Therapist Dara Hoffman-Fox, LPC

Gender Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, and blogger Dara Hoffman-Fox joins Debonee to continue the conversation on images of trans* people in pop culture.  We'll explore film, television and journalism to understand how transgender people are portayed, and the public reaction.  In this "Oscar Edition", they look at Ellen's Liza Minelli joke, and Jared Leto's win for "Dallas Buyer's Club".  Who is qualified to play transgender roles?  Is art responsible for changing culture?  What is the places of gender identity within stories?  They even mess with Texas - and that's just the beginning...

With a shout out to Eleven Jessica Groothuis, they look at Silence of the Lambs, The Fosters, Glee, Katie Couric, Carmen Carrera, LaVerne Cox, Janet Mock, Piers Morgan... it's all here!


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Dee Desnoyer, Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Play Therapist, joins Deb to talk about the importance of play therapy and creative play, especially in the LGBTQ family.  Anyone can PLAY, and Dee explains why we need it, and how it can promote healing and growth.  We connect it with the LGBTQ community, individuals and families: how can play help strengthen relationships and sense of self for individuals and families duing coming out, forming relationships, transitioning, etc.  How can we change our culture through play?  Does social media help or hurt?

Dee is also a qualified play therapy supervisor, and a board member of Atlanta's LGBTQ Therapist Resource.




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Grace for the Cake: Where Christianity Meets Sex Toys with Jamie Deason

Guest expert Jamie Deason is a professional consultant for Pure Romance, a company that sells sexual toys and enhancements with a whole lot of education along the way.  Debonee discusses the ins and outs (cough) of the private women-only parties where ladies can shop, laugh and learn in a safe and fun environment.  Are there differences in how Chrstians approach sexuality, and how does faith come into play?  Who are the biggest clients (you'll be surprised!)?  From safe sex to intimacy, theological schisms regarding the body/soul duality to, let us hit your intelletual G-spot with converstional good vibrations...

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Pillow Talk: The Psychology of Erotica with artist and therapist Pitaru

We're bringing sexy back, as artist and psychotherapist Pitaru joins Debonee to discuss erotic photography, and the psychology behind the process and the images.  This Valentine's Day, we'll talk about the gift of intimacy, the metaphor of being seen, creating a story and the preparation process for a shoot.  You'll learn how her therapeutic background influences her work in the studio and tricks to turning on the sexy.
Listen to explore the differences between erotica and pornography, sexism in art, beauty versus body parts, and the importance of the Personal.

You'll learn where Pitaru gets that sexy accent, (and how it affects her clients), where her own limits lie, and her fantasy subject.

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"Don't Hide Behind Your Skirt": Female Empowerment in the Arts with Creatrix & GirlPop Visionary, Aurora Pringle

"I know that my pieces won't be in a history book.  They're going to be in girls' closets."

Artist Aurora Pringle talks with Debonee about her new zine, "Don't Hide Behind Your Skirt", a memoire of her abusive childhood.  From a place of strength and creativity, Aurora speaks on the challenges that women face in the world of self expression, why she has as heart for young women, the connection between men and violence, the tough part of being in healthy relationships, talking back to trauma, how hard it is to be a teenager, definitions of feminism (and what's up with young women who just don't get it?!?!), balls and creativity, the zine as an art form...

Find out why Katy Perry is making Aurora angry, but Beyonce gets two thumbs up.  Goldiblocks, Grrrl Power, Spice Girls and more...

Also, get the details for LA Zine Fest and the launch party for "Don't Hide Behind Your Skirt".

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Research shows that 20% of gay men will marry women.  For gay people who come out later in their lives, this can be a scary and painful process for the whole family, but psychotherapist William Brown, APC, has encouraging words and advice on how to handle the transition, and find support for everyone involved.  We discuss the "Armageddon factor" of realizing something needs to change; the guilt and shame; common experiences for the gay partner and the spouse; the role of societal, family and religious pressures; common fears; our fixation with perfection; the language of divorce; the "teenager effect" and much more.

William leads a therapuetic group called, "Out Late" in Atlanta.  Please check out his website for more information.

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From Laverne Cox to Albert Nobbs (and this isn't even a sex episode!), psychotherapist Jayson Peterson, AMFT, joins Debonee to talk about images of transgender people in pop culture.  We'll explore the good, the bad and the ugly attitudes that are reflected in TV and film, including "Orange is the New Black" (a given); "The Crying Game"; the problem with the Big Reveal; transphobia, homophobia and violence against transwomen; "Transamerica"; genitals versus gender identity; "Ma Vie en Rose", "Hedwig and the Angry Inch"; just the angry inch itself; "Boys Don't Cry"; pronouns; transmisogyny; and more... 

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