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June 2022
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Pillow Talk: The Psychology of Erotica with artist and therapist Pitaru

We're bringing sexy back, as artist and psychotherapist Pitaru joins Debonee to discuss erotic photography, and the psychology behind the process and the images.  This Valentine's Day, we'll talk about the gift of intimacy, the metaphor of being seen, creating a story and the preparation process for a shoot.  You'll learn how her therapeutic background influences her work in the studio and tricks to turning on the sexy.
Listen to explore the differences between erotica and pornography, sexism in art, beauty versus body parts, and the importance of the Personal.

You'll learn where Pitaru gets that sexy accent, (and how it affects her clients), where her own limits lie, and her fantasy subject.

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"Don't Hide Behind Your Skirt": Female Empowerment in the Arts with Creatrix & GirlPop Visionary, Aurora Pringle

"I know that my pieces won't be in a history book.  They're going to be in girls' closets."

Artist Aurora Pringle talks with Debonee about her new zine, "Don't Hide Behind Your Skirt", a memoire of her abusive childhood.  From a place of strength and creativity, Aurora speaks on the challenges that women face in the world of self expression, why she has as heart for young women, the connection between men and violence, the tough part of being in healthy relationships, talking back to trauma, how hard it is to be a teenager, definitions of feminism (and what's up with young women who just don't get it?!?!), balls and creativity, the zine as an art form...

Find out why Katy Perry is making Aurora angry, but Beyonce gets two thumbs up.  Goldiblocks, Grrrl Power, Spice Girls and more...

Also, get the details for LA Zine Fest and the launch party for "Don't Hide Behind Your Skirt".

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Innersexions: "Built Like an Amazon: Images of Women in the Comic Book World" with Glynnes Pruett, owner of Comic Book Hideout

Glynnes Pruett owns Orange County's Best Comic Book Store (OC Weekly 2013), Comic Book Hideout in Fullerton, CA.  In this episode we explore the intersection of sex and art, as we look at images of women in comics throughout history.  How do comics reflect pop culture?  How can you read American cultural history in Wonder Woman's costume?  What's the connection between mutants and the civil rights movement?  Blue suits or garter belts?  Why don't more women read comics?  When men draw women... Cool World, Roger Rabbit... What kind of marketing strategy works best for women entreprenuers in a "boy's club"? Who's the coolest chick in comics? Pornography and Sailor Moon...What women are making waves creating art? Did comics escape the general suckage of the 90s?  Speaking of suckage, we even hit on Twilight.  and so much more... 

Check out the Hideout here:

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Actor and musician Robbie Rist ("Sharknado", "Doc McStuffins", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles", "The Brady Bunch", The Mockers. The Popdudes, Theme Music and so much more) joins Debonee to see if they can organically discuss all four pillars of the show: LGBTQ, sex, faith and art.  Tune in to learn more about the reason to do art, John Denver's rockin' image, the connection between porn and contemporary music, what happens when Cousin Oliver meets X-rated Carol Brady, the great "Energy Transfer Experiment", the real function of religion, dealing with depression, the specificity of happiness and loads more...

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Innersexions: "Sex Addiction on Film: Don Jon & Thanks for Sharing" with Sex Addiction Expert Bill Herring

This podcast explores the intersections between queer issues, sex, faith and art – in any combination of two.  Expert guests will offer commentary and insight, as well as opening new questions to examine the rich diversity and misperceptions within various permutations of our topics.  Each element alone – LGBTQ, sex, faith, or art, presents controversial possibilities, so join us as we jump into the fray by pairing them to elicit interesting and memorable conversations.

In this episode, Debonee talks with sex addiction expert, and certified sex addiction therapist, Bill Herring, about problematic sexual behavior, and the insights from the films, "Don Jon", and "Thanks for Sharing".  How accurate or helpful are the portrayals?  How do we even define 'sex addiction'?  What causes people to act out?  Young men who pledge to refrain from masturbation...??  All this and more, right here, on Innersexions.

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